Pantec Automation

Solution provider for machinery and plant automation

Pantec Dynamics

Customized Motion Control Systems for industrial and medical applications

Pantec GS Systems

Refining Systems for the printing industry

Pantec Medical Laser

High-Power, diode-pumped 3 μm laser technology for medical engineering

Pantec Metrology

Controllers and accessories for tactile and optical metrology

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Pantec Automation



Label Expo Europe - Pantec GS Systems

25. - 28.09.2017

Brussels Expo

SPS IPC Drives - Pantec Automation | Pantec Dynamics

28. - 31.11.2017



Brady Purchases SWIFT™ Security Hologram Applicator

In-line, high-speed hot stamping technology produces secure brand protection labeling solutions

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Successful In-House Event held by Pantec Automation

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New: High Energy Laser Sources available

The new high energy (HE) versions of our laser modules DPM-2, DPM-15 and DPM-30 are now available. For example the DPM-30 module can achieve up to 0.3J with peak power of 750 W!
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